Core Message
The Core Message been described in many terms: elevator pitch, unique value proposition, marketing message, sweet spot; but it all comes down to

What is the Value You Provide?

Your business Core Message communicates to everyone, how your business is unique — and the real value that you provide to your customers.

It can take years, to get your Core Message correct, but once you do, your business automatically is positioned:

  • For anyone to understand your value (this can include customers, employees, Bankers, lawyers, competitors, etc.)
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Position your business in the market place
  • Create a marketing program with  the same message

When a business has a solid Core Message an alignment between you and your prospects and customers takes place immediately. There is no longer any confusion about where to focus your marketing efforts — and  how to communicate your message.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking to establish  your Core Message:

  • What products or services you selling?
    How are they unique from your competitors.
  • What needs do these products or services provide to potential buyers?
    List the needs and wants, of ideal prospects, and why your product fits these needs and services.
  • How does your product or service fulfill these needs of your potential buyers?
    Does it fill a tangible need or an emotional need?
  • What problems do your potential buyers have fulfilling those needs?
    List all problems and issues that would would drive a prospect to look for your product or service.
  • How does your product or service solve these problems?
    List all the ways your product or service can solve the problems and issues.
  • What emotional gratification are you providing?
    Regardless of the product or service, people buy on the emotion that a product or service can provide, not necessarily the product or service itself.
  • What sets your product or service apart from your competition?
    Is your product less expensive, higher quality, faster shipping.  You need to identify what is unique about your product or service.
  • Who is your target market? Who is your ideal customer?
    List the demographics that make them ideal.
Advanced Strategies

The Core Message is the most important element of any business. There are many names for this message, elevator message, unique value proposition.

The Website Foundation is important to establishing a website thay can gain authority and rankings.

Traffic Generation should be carefully implemented with tried and true strategies that work for your industry.

Advanced Strategies are used to make money directly from the internet, such as products sales and mobile applications.

Armed with all this information you can now write a short description of your business that clearly states what you do and whom you serve. Make sure you mention what makes you unique and which emotions you sell.

You have now created your Core Message. Take some time to continue refining it.   In fact, it may take months or years to get to the ‘sweet spot.  But when you know it hits the mark, you’ll know it.   You will have hit the sweet spot.    Define your Core Message will also help you create a mission statement, tag line, website, marketing materials, that embrace your core marketing message.

Now when you are ready to create your marketing plan that includes a logo, brochures, website, and other marketing materials, you have the core marketing message to draw from and to guide you.

Always have your Core Message as the essential message of your business.  Make sure all your marketing efforts convey its message.   With you Core Message en force, you will never have another person scratching his head, wondering, what do they do?   What did they want me to buy?  You’ll be in control of your business message.